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Live music is a powerful, emotional, life-changing experience. While there’s no replacing the live experience, playing your favorite music at home can sound much closer to the real thing than most people imagine. Our mission at Sound Trek is to create high fidelity music systems that can serve up a big slice of the live music experience.

High fidelity music speakers


Our featured speakers are Magneplanar and Tannoy Prestige series. The ultra light diaphragms in Maneplanar’s tall, flat panels are lightning quick and incredibly clear. Tannoy’s Prestige range feature their patented dual concentric drivers, where bass, midrange and treble all come from the same point, delivering a rich, three dimensional sound. Both speakers sound much better at low levels than conventional designs, and both reflect less sound from the room’s floors, ceilings, and side walls than conventional speakers. All of these advantages contribute to their ability to sound more like live music and less like speakers.


Many musicians and audiophiles around the world prefer the sound of vacuum tubes for amplifying music. Both tube and solid state amps have improved dramatically this century, but tubes still have the edge in reproducing the natural tone and three dimensional presence of instruments. Today’s better hybrid designs eliminate the cost and maintenance of power tubes by using tubes for small signal amplification and solid state for power, retaining a lot of the magic of tube sound in a less expensive, low maintenance package. We offer a wide range of tube and hybrid amplifiers.


A well set-up high quality turntable has always sounded better than CD, something that has been rediscovered in a big way in the last decade. Streaming, which started with low bit rates and low quality sound, is now available with better than CD quality as well. A good streaming device can now replace your tuner and CD player, but with vastly more radio stations and a huge library of high resolution music. We highly recommend owning both, streaming for casual listening and discovering new music, and a turntable to get the best possible sound from your favorites.


We display matched systems at Sound Trek, rather than a wall of black boxes and a wall of speakers. Starting with one of our extraordinary speakers we carefully match cables, amplifier, turntable, and cartridge into a well balanced system. It’s this system matching, combined with proper set-up, that enables true high fidelity performance from quality components. We can then change and compare speakers, amps, turntables, and cables, which allows you to hear the difference; giving you the option to invest in equipment that matters most to you.


Even though most of our equipment is made in America or Europe, a lot of what we display is high value as well as high performance. Turntables, amps, and speakers are available that can cost as much as a house, and many more that are in the price range of a great car. Our high fidelity music systems can deliver lifelike sound starting at the price of a really good bicycle. Any passionate cyclist will eventually get a good bicycle, because it performs better and he or she simply feels better riding it. Why should anyone passionate about music not treat themselves the same way? Because most people have never heard a well matched and set-up system that can deliver an experience that sounds more like live music. Schedule an appointment to hear the difference high fidelity sound equipment can make. You deserve it!

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